MIONIX ALIOTH M Microfiber Stitched Gaming Mouse Pad

AED 59.00

MIONIX ALIOTH gaming surface features a woven cloth microfiber matrix that prevents data loss and improves tracking performance for next generation optical and laser gaming sensors. We have found the unique balance between a speed and control surface which provides an advanced mousing experience at remarkable precision. Due to enhanced materials the ALIOTH is water repellent. Features a stitched edge that assure extended durability.

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> Size : 37cm x 32cm
> Material: Durable woven cloth microfiber matrix
> Surface: Water repellent
> Underside: Non-slip grip on natural rubber base
> Compatibility: Optical and Laser sensors

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 5.2 × 4.8 cm

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