Kristall Car Windshield Protective Coating

AED 299.00

We delivers the damage resistance, optical clarity, and rain repellent Kristall® is famous for.

Superior, highly durable protective coatings have been achieved with these high tech nano coating which have been thoroughly inspected, verified and certified by the world’s leading testing entity by SGS.

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Product features & Functions
•The most advance technology from Japan that provide you a perfect vision once applied on the windshield
•Help to prevent water mark on the windshield
•Superb water repellent
•Eliminates noisy effect
•Easy for maintenance & clean
•Increase your safety when driving in heavy rain

Product Specification

Windshield glass surface will no longer need regular cleaning as the invisible coatings will create a self-cleaning glass effect meaning that water and debris will no longer stick on the surface.

Long Protection Up To 1 Year

Improv visibility while raining & dust storm

Anti-Scratch By 9H ( Pencil Hardness )

Super Hydrophobic

UV Resistant

Enable Easy-to-Clean Surface

What's Included

Whats in the Box
1.1 x Glass Degreaser 50ml
2.1 x Glass Protective Coating 50ml
3.1x Sponge for Glass Degreaser
4.1x Application Sponge
5.2X Micro Fiber Cloth
6.1 x User Manual