*Unmatched Value* *Consolidated Single Point Service* *Vital Market Intelligence* *Attention to Detail* *Honesty is our Best Policy*
Easy Go leverages its networking breadth in the region, of market interaction of its staff to offer customers unmatched value. Easy Go business philosophy differentiates it from its competitors. Easy Go provides a consolidated, single point service for a broad range of Information Technology, Consumer Electronics and Office Automation products and services, making it convenient and cost effective for
customers to fulfill their purchase requirements.
Easy Go conducts a daily market scan of products and services most requested by customers. Combined with our networking and supplier relationships, this provides the vital market intelligence needed to make an informed purchase decision. Easy Go focuses on the little details to positively impact the total cost of a transaction. Easy Go always acts honestly and in the best interests of the customer. We realised that most companies claim this as their philosophy but we actually implement it. We are not short term profit takers. We charge a fair price for products and services we sell.

We Stand For:


Speed: We try and do things faster than our nearest competitor,

Consistency: We try and deliver the same high standard of service every time – again and again and again,

Reliability: We strive to always keep the commitments we make,

Technical Competence: We are constantly learning and upgrading our skills as well as using our vast network to validate solutions, products and services we offer to our customers,

Virtually Integrated: We strive to be virtually integrated with customers and suppliers. Virtual integration allows us to avoid process and cost duplication, implement a near zero stock model while maintaining a high order fulfillment rate at competitive market prices. Our clear understanding of the micro market dynamics in each country helps customers shorten their cash flow cycles and maximise the use of available credit,

Adaptability: We realise there are many ways to achieve the same goal and strive to keep ourselves open to different points of view.