Zamen Computer Cloud Backup

Price : AED 17 per PC Backup for all your files (billed annually)


Thanks to Zamen’s cloud-based backup, you will be able to enjoy unlimited disk space when backing up your business computers. Zamen will store up to 30 versions of every one of your files in a completely secure environment, while data retrieval is made simple thanks to our centralized administration. We’ve got you covered in case of a major issue or crash.

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This Package Includes

Check Unlimited Disk Space
Check Backup for all your files
Check Up to 30 file versions stored
Check Centralized Administration
Check 128bit SSL encrypted access & 256bit AES encryption
Check 24/7 Ironclad Support


Take advantage of unlimited disk space

Thanks to Zamen’s cloud-based backup, every computer in your office will enjoy unlimited disk space when backing up data.


Store up to 30 versions of every file

You can easily keep track of all the different updates that a document has gone through and restore earlier versions at any time.


Take control of your computers’ backups

Thanks to our centralized administration system, you can provision the backup service for each computer in your company and easily recover hard drives or files.


Access your files anywhere

Zamen allows you to access your backed up files and computer data from any browser, mobile phone or tablet.


Never worry about your data’s security

Your files are protected with AES encryption and are stored on military-grade secure servers across multiple data centers in the UK.


Benefit from our IRONCLAD SUPPORT™

Our experienced customer support is available to help 24/7, all year long. We guarantee rapid solutions and tailored care, no matter how much your needs change.


How many PCs and drives can I backup with a Zamen account?

You can backup one PC and all drives connected to it, internally or by USB.


Can I access my files from a browser?

You can login to your account at and view or download any backed up file.


Do you offer mobile support?

Our OpenAccesiOS and Android app allows you to access any file, flip through your pics and stream your music and backed up movies.


How safe is my backup?

Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe.


Will it work on my MAC?

Get the same experience on your Mac or Windows PC. Requires XP or later and MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.