EnsureMail™ Corporate Cloud Email

Price : AED 11 per mailbox per month (billed annually)


Add-on Service : Email Archiving can be added as a feature for an additional AED 17 per mailbox per month.

EnsureMail is a cloud-based email solution that allows you to effortlessly create a professional online identity for your business. Our multi-platform compatibility and thorough protection enable you to manage your business safe in the knowledge that your email is reliable and secure.


Nowadays, companies rely on email more than ever. That’s why we test mail delivery, server availability and security every day from over 20 locations. Thanks to our decade-long experience, we guarantee email excellence with complete confidence.

Bulk Inquiries

Plan & Pricing

All Email Packages include

Check 5 EnsureMail Mailboxes
Check 25 GB Mailbox Size
Check 50MB Attachment Size
Check 7 Threat-blocking Scans
Check 14 Days Rolling Backup
Check Email Migration
Check Web-based Control Panel
Check Mobile, Laptop & Desktop Compatibility
Check Compatibility with all POP/IMAP desktop applications
Check 24/7 Ironclad Support
Check You will receive a complementary hosting account


Take Control of Your Email Environment

EnsureMail gives you the freedom and scalability to easily manage services or users, add or remove mailboxes, control spam settings and more.


Never worry about emails not reaching their destination

Our cloud hosting provides you with 99.9% uptime or your money back. Our considerable experience and resources ensure you can click “Send” with no concerns.


Stay Protected

Each one of your messages undergoes 7 spam and virus scans before entering your mailbox. Our superior threat protection means you’ll never have to worry about email-borne threats.


Store 10 years worth of email archive

Our 25GB mailboxes will easily handle photos, videos and other large files. We also retain 14 copies of your mailbox thanks to our 2 week rolling backup. It is easy to restore a mailbox from your control panel.


Transfer your emails effortlessly

EnsureMail offers you easy migration from your old email system to your new one.


Access your email anywhere

EnsureMail is available via your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. It is compatible with all your favorite desktop software.


Benefit from our IRONCLAD SUPPORT™

Our experienced customer support is available to help 24/7, all year long. We guarantee rapid solutions and tailored care, no matter how much your needs change.


Is my mail secure?

Yes. All transmissions between your PC or mobile, destination devices, and our servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques.


Can I access my email on my smart phone?

You can access your email on your iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android or BlackBerry device using the built in mail app or your mobile browser. Tablets are fully supported too.


Why should I choose EnsureMail as my hosted email service?

EnsureMail is an easy to use email hosting service with professional features, premium spam and virus defenses, and no annoying ads.


What sort of backup do you provide?

Businesses can’t afford to lose important emails. You’re covered with nightly backups in multiple geographic locations. Backups are easily retrievable from the Control Panel for up to 14 days.


Do you guarantee deliverability?

If an email hosting company lets users send bulk email, your sent emails could end up in your recipients’ spam folders! Our strict rules against spam, protect the integrity of our servers and protect you from blacklisting.