E-3lue E-3lue Mazer Type-R EMS124WH White 6D Gaming Mouse with 4 Motion of DPI 600/1200/1800/2400 and Shark Concept Design

AED 59.00

Best Right Handed Gaming Mouse Around!
E-3lue offers value and function (multi-purpose)
Fastest response time, greater flexibility (4 DPI settings)
Works with all Windows platforms
Heavy for a reason (fits large hands and aggressive gaming styles)

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The Type-R mouse from E-3lue is a technological marvel. It is designed to fit perfectly for right handed users, with additional weight added so it’s not like moving around an empty tin can… Accuracy improves while stability and tracking are maximized. That design, coupled with its awesome looks and even awesome-ER function make this mouse the absolute best candidate for anyone looking for a gaming mouse. If only all PC accessories and hardware had one clear winner (so many options…)

The following specs, which also has pictures showing off the stylistic blue “running lights” (each spec if then, in turn, described below):

Optical type: Red wave

Wired type: USB 2.0

Wire length: 6 feet

DPI: 600/1200/1800/2400

Switch Life: 300,000 times

Size: 124 x 85 x 38mm

Compatibility: Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / NT / XP / win 7

The optical sensor and DSP processor in the Mazer were built for gaming. A combination of quality components and a stream-lined circuit design allow flawless performance. The LED is reliable and always responds as intended, even with the fastest hands controlling. You won’t be able to keep up.. The USB 2.0 is standard and provides the bandwidth for data. There’s no need for turning it on and off since this is a plug-in mouse, with a quality 6 foot cable.

Next, and possibly the most important aspect of the TYPE-R’s set of features, the DPI control. 4 settings with a really impressive range.. All the way up to 2400 DPI, this means every motion is picked up and slight nuances of pointing are perceived. The competition is fierce, both in gaming / computers, but the Mazer from E-Blue has / offers an edge up.

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